Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy/remake/sell something using one of your ideas or tutorials?
Yes, yes and yes.  I hardly invented sewing.  I like free idea-sharing, so have at 'er.

Can I post a link to one of your posts? 
Absolutely, as long as it is related to crafts, etc.  - you'll make me feel a little bit famous!  You can post my photos along with your link, but I would certainly appreciate if you linked back to my blog.

Do you sell advertising? 
No, I'm a terrible salesperson.  That said, if you'd like me to test a pattern or sew something from a fabric or pattern you've created then blog about how fabulous it is ('cause I know it's going to be fabulous), please send me an email.  I'd get a free pattern/whatever and you'd get the benefit of my readers knowing about your product.

Why do you do giveaways? 
Sharing makes me happy.  Also, I sew/craft far more stuff than one household needs, so I have to give some away.

Sewing Dork, I have featured you on my blog - why aren't you sporting my button? 
I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, comment on and link to my blog.  I find blogs that are not too cluttered easier to navigate and therefore I like to keep my own blog streamlined. 
Also, please note that I am techno-challenged and configuring buttons and such would take me 3 times as long as anyone else.  I'd rather be sewing.

Who are you anyway?
Canadian.  Old house, big garden.  Wife and keeper of two children.  Part-time job that interferes with crafting time, but financially supports it.  Creative thinker (no math nerd in me whatsoever). Chemical-free home.  No cell phone, no t.v. time.  Pianist and singer. Can't work a Mixmaster, but have been known to wield power tools on occasion. 

And why do you sew?
For a lot of the same reasons you do.  You can remake and refashion; you can create something you won't see on a store shelf; you can carry on the tradition of all the women before you; you can fulfill your creative needs;  you can brag about stuff on a blog.  I grew up with grandmothers and a mother who sewed so there were always scraps at hand.  My Barbies were dressed in handmades. Dork that I am, I made each kid in my fourth grade class a personalized case for their recorder.  Yup.  Dork.  I haven't taken sewing lessons, and I am too lazy to figure out how to make my patterns into PDF format, so what you see is what you get.  Thanks for stopping in!

Oh yeah,
You can email me