04 September 2011

Easy Paper Bag Waist Skirt for Women

Back to School for Moms Week is exceeding its seven-day limit.  Hmmm... I have a few more projects in mind, but I'll try to space them along with some other sewing posts in September.

Today:  The Easy Paper Bag Waist Skirt

To make, form a cylinder with your fabric that is at least a couple of inches wider than your hips (mine is 6 inches wider than my hips).  Fold over the top hem generously. 

Sew in a separate casing for an elastic waist.  I used seam binding because it is so thin (who needs extra waist bulk?)  Sew the casing over where you folded down the top which secures the top hem.  Leave a small opening to thread the elastic through, then close that opening once your waistband elastic is in.

This is what the finished skirt looks like from the inside.

Add a generous bottom hem for balance.

And a self-belt  (mine is recycled from another outfit, so the blacks don't quite match up)  Topstitching ties the colors together.

That's all there is to it. 


JS said...

Do you have a pic of it in use? I am trying to figure out how it would look when worn but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. It looks cute!

Shanea said...

Looks cute but I would love an action shot too. Hard to picture.

Anonymous said...

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