16 August 2011

Tutorial: Make a Child-Sized Doll Sling (and a Wee One for Dolls) - It's Beyond Simple!

Yesterday I was in one of those hip baby boutiques, and these doll carriers were thirty-four dollars!  I stood in the store for 20 minutes, handling it and eyeballing it, until (lightbulb!) - I figured out how to make it.  $34.00 saved.

Doll-sized sling:  cut one piece of fabric 20" by 8"
Child-sized sling:  cut one piece of fabric 42" by 16"
Two D-rings of any size (optional - you could skip this step and just sew the ends closed)

Edge all four edges of the fabric by folding over twice and stitching in place.

Pleat both ends to appx. the width of your D rings and stitch to hold the pleats in place.

Once both ends are pleated, the middle fans out like a hammock to hold the doll.

Slip both D rings on one pleated end

Turn the pleated end under to the wrong side of the fabric and stitch in place.

Thread the other pleated end through the D rings to secure.  Adjust the length to fit your child/doll. 




maarnietvangrijs said...

That's great, thank you so much for the tutorial! I can see my little ladies carrying their 'Anne's' around already!

~C~ said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Allyson has been asking for a dolly sling and I wasn't sure how to make one but spending 30 or 40 dollars on one seemed just a bit much. I have tons of colorful fabric that would be perfect for this and it looks like it's super easy to do. YAY.

Shinny said...

You are so creative. Wish I had half of your creativity/ability to do this projects.
Is that Yertle the Turtle she has in her sling? Love the Dr. Seuss!

cookieandclaire said...

As I think back to an earlier post with mr. Teddy bear - I just love his expression!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing this great tutorial! I will absolutely mKe that!! :)
What kind of fabric did you use for the child-sized one..? It looks interesting... :)

The Sewing Dork said...

For the child sized sling I used chenille dot - it's sold with the polar fleece at our fabric store.

Sewing-Chick said...

Love this! I have 6 weeks to go before my second son is born... I think that sewing one of these for my first son to carry around his Curious George monkey would be cute :) Then he can be just like Mommy!

Diane Frieders said...

I know know why it's hard to pleat and it's looks fine, but when I fold it over with the D ring, my pleat seam is going in a different direction than yours - doesn't lie flat, it's going up. Does that make sense. Help. Thank you

Diane Frieders said...

I don't know why...I can't type I guess or sew.

Diane Frieders said...

I think I did it :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea for my "grand". She is expecting a sibling soon and from me she will be getting her own "baby" doll to take care of and love. I already have the doll & plans for a blanket, but never thought of making a sling like mommy's.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this easy Tutorial. I love that you suggested the sew option rather than D ring so a child doesn't need help to put the sling on.