04 October 2010

The Sew What Holiday Challenge Begins!

This is it folks! This is the start of Sew What Holiday Edition!   And here's how it goes:  at the beginning of each week Melissa and I will post a challenge for ourselves, and we would like you to craft along with us.  No techniques and no specific materials. Just you, your imagination and your sewing machine.

Here are the project ideas to get us ready for the handmade holidays:

Week One : A gift for him *bonus craft: holiday garland

Week Two : A holiday Outfit for anyone

Week Three: A stocking or toy or both!

Week Four: An ornament for the tree

Once your project is done, upload your photos to the Flickr Sewing Dork Showcase group to show them off. It is super fun to browse through all the great ideas and submissions!

Today Week One starts.  Between now and Sunday, I need to craft up a gift for Mr. Dork. 

Pop on over to Melissa's blog to get one of these Sew What buttons of your very own.  And then, get working on Week One:  A Gift For Him.  Here I go!


Heather Lancaster said...

SEW MUCH FUN! Love seeing your blog and was glad that you checked mine out too! I also love seeing V in all the fun outfits you've made... does O still let you make her anything?! With my sewing machine sitting in my crafting space, I am much more inspired to use it regularly!

Paper and fabric addictions are in full bloom!