11 July 2010

More Turtlenecks Suffer in My Hands

Turtlenecks were a staple around here during the long, cold winter.  I buy them in basic colors because they coordinate with everything.  Now I have a bunch of colors that I like, but that are going to be too small next winter.  Hence, more turtleneck abuse.

One innocent toddler turtleneck.
Chop off the neck about 1/2 inch above the seam.  Fold the seam under and stitch into place neatly.  Knits don't unravel so there is no need to finish the edge.
Really bad quality photo coming up:  take the turtlenck and cut it in two pieces (right down the middle).  Use this to make two cuffs by sewing up the open sides.  Then snip snip so that they are both the same size.  (I really shouldn't photograph these projects late at night).
Cut off your sleeve to a shorter length, but save that rectangular middle piece.  You can discard the original cuffs.
Attach your new "cuffs".  They will be smaller than the sleeve opening, so s-t-r-e-t-c-h as you sew, and you will end up with some pleats or gathers in the sleeve.  Girly, no?
To make the little flowers on the front of the shirt, I used the rectangle from the former sleeve.  I cut it into little strips, wrapped each in a circle flat against the front of the shirt, and stitched into place.  I added other colors to mix it up.
And I varied the sleeve length on this one for a fall look.

G-ooooooooo turtlenecks!