22 April 2010

Guest Tutorial - How to Make a Hopscotch Rug

Drum roll please... my favorite artist is guest blogging today, and guess what? No sewing required! Check her out here to see more great stuff she's made.

"As a gigantic fan of The Sewing Dork blog (and the sewing dork herself!) I am beyond flattered to be guest blogging today. I’m offering a tutorial on how to make a hopscotch rug, based on this one I saw at Crate and Barrel. Mine cost $12.

First, I just have to say, as a busy mom of 3 who has never officially blogged before, this was an eye-opener. I commend all those wonderful, creative souls who share their talents, knowledge and life experiences through their blogs...’cause it’s a lot of work!

So, I began with a little trip to JYSK to pick up this nubby, black runner on clearance for $10. You think,”SCORE!” but if you’d seen this rug in it’s original shape, covered in lint and dust and other evils, you would probably have said, “eww” and passed it by. My husband thinks it’s an unfortunate talent I have to see the “potential” in things that look like garbage to the naked eye.

So I gave it a quick clean and laid out my materials:

· Runner

· White Acrylic Paint (although fabric paint might be a better choice – I used what I had on hand)

· A roll of that rubbery stuff that keeps your rugs from slipping

· Paint Brush and small tray

· White chalk pencil or white chalk

· Glue gun (I’m assuming you realize this means glue sticks too, right? Just checking)

· Cereal Box (must be Honey Bunches of Oats because that’s the yummiest)

· Scissors

Use the cereal box as a template for the squares. I loved the dome shape on the C&B rug, but I wanted the numbers to go to 10 so it didn’t work in my design. You can use a stencil for the numbers or draw them in freehand like I did. Good thing this allows for shaky hands!

Once the chalk outlines are completed, just paint them over with white paint!

I photographed a fat little brush in the supplies photo, but realized I needed a smaller brush to satisfy the nitpicker in me who wanted cleaner lines and more control.

I took the rubbery stuff and cut it into 6 equal strips to attach to the back of the rug so a playful game of hopscotch would not end up in a neck brace for the little darlings.

At first I was going to handsew it on, but as a lazy efficient person, after 4 stitches, I realized it would be a very unwise thing to continue so I switched to the woman’s answer to duct tape – HOT GLUE!

I enthusiastically hot glued and patted the strips down and my hands looked like I’d waved my hands in my grandma’s attic. Pulling off the glue, I wasn’t sure what parts were glue and which parts were skin... TMI?

Lastly, paint yourself a cute little ladybug rock.

Now pull your child away from her favourite movie and force her to play with and enjoy it!

Truthfully, she loved it, but I have to polish up on my hopscotch rules because apparently I was playing it all wrong..."


erin said...

cute!...i gotta figure out how to play hopscotch cause i think i want to make one!

TrishB said...

Oh my gosh that's awesome (along with all your other posts!)!!! :-)

Melissa said...

So cute! I just taught my daughter Wednesday how to play last weekend and I had to refresh myself as took a second but I remembered to pick my rock up on the way back! Also, love your lady bug rock, that is a must do!
Cynthia, you have great taste in guest posters ;)

Mrs. M said...

Awesome! My boys will love this as well. And what a great gift idea for summer birthdays.

Pacokeco said...

Ladies! Go forth! Make your own hopscotch rugs! It's so easy and only took me 1/2 an hour! The hardest part was finding the rug, but if you're willing to invest more time, I'm sure you could make the rug with some heavy cloth, a pail of grey or black paint and binding! Wow, I must be excited because I've fulfilled my exclamation mark quota for the day!
Thanks for letting me guest blog, Ms. Dork!

Anonymous said...

Does this fabulous guest blogger have a name?
Wonderful tutorial.
Thank you!

Common Threads said...

this is a great idea! thanks for the tutorial :)

Mandy said...

This is ridiculously WONDERFUL!! I will find a rug and do this for my kids and probably for a few friends, as well!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

hahaha!! this tutorial had me in stitches (sorry for the pun...^_^), thanks for another great post, will definitely make this for my 2 daughters (don't think my 14y/o son will be interested...XD )

Ags said...

Your's is SO much nicer than the one at Crate & Barrel! Can't believe they're selling theirs for $200, wow! But awesome job, I love it.

~C~ said...

LOVE this! My kids are just discovering hopscotch and since we live in an apartment we don't always get to use the sidewalk chalk outside to draw one. Not only would this solve that problem so that they could have a permanent hopscotch board but it would help on rainy days when there's no going outside at all.

Unknown said...

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Timmi said...

Wow that is awesome! I had the same rug on my wishlist for well, awhile but now this is alot more in my budget!

Ashley Erikson said...

I have never seen anything like this! How many birthday parties do you go to with some Target gift that everyone else has. This handmade roll out hopscotch rug is great for any age and any kid. Wonderful! <3, Rose Ribbon: Handmade gifts and photography (www.roseribbon.come)

ShawnH said...

Thank you for this. This is going to be a xmas present for my granddaughter!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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