20 November 2009

Unfinished Projects and a GIVEAWAY (Closed)

I have been pondering starting a column called Unfinished Projects. My husband gets the first mention: I came home from Gymboree this morning to find our front door injured and lying on the ground, and no help in sight. That's the view from inside looking out. I knew that today was finally the day Husband would be replacing our old door, and his truck was AWOL, so I figured he must be out getting some unusual tool for the job. He seemingly didn't care that perfect strangers might walk in and wash our dirty dishes while no one was home.

It's November in Canada (read: chilly) so I went inside and made some tea... then I got hungry and made some lunch... then I returned some phone calls... then I acted out scenes from Robert Munsch's Good Families Don't Fart for my toddler's amusement... then we had naps... then, well, you get the point. Four hours had passed and still no husband. And no door. Does he not understand that it is impossible (and cold) trying to contain a toddler in a house without barriers? He finally phoned to say that he's driving all over town to locate just the perfect new door that will fit in our oddly-sized old doorway.

Geez, I ramble. My point is, we all have unfinished projects. I could photograph a stack of them, but this door thing embarrasses me less than my own neglected work. Leave me a comment telling me about one of your own unfinished masterpieces. Instead of letting do all the thinking for me, I'll choose a winner whose comment makes me laugh/cry/empathize/get hungry for lunch. The prize this time is a mystery mish-mash of sewing supplies. Yep, let's add more to your stash of unfinished projects.

TO ENTER: Giveaway open to everyone (overseas too because it's fun to get neat stuff from other countries, isn't it?) Leave your unfinished project story below, along with an email address if I cannot reach you via your blog. I will choose a winner on Monday November 23, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Your story about the door made me laugh so hard I cried :) But alas I have no entertaining stories of my own to tell...I am a procastinator but when I start something I almost always finish it...with the exception of a quilt I started about 6 months ago...which is now folded and piled
{read hidden} in my linen closet. This is a great opportunity...are you feeling hungry? ;)

Garland Girl said...

I am such a procrastinator. I always have several projects going, and finish only half of them. I currently have a half finished purse, a half finished blanket, a rag rug still in the early stages, and the list goes on! My son is ever positive though, whenever I start a new project. He always tells me that the new project that I start might be the one I finally finish! Mandi0808 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I have a sewing ROOM full of UFOs... The internet is a horrid thing, each time I look at a computer, I find dozens more inspiring ideas/new projects...
I think the most embarrassing one right now is a quilt that was supposed to be a wedding present in 2007... I lied and said it was done by 2008, (we don't live near the happily married couple), but I'm almost done sewing the binding one, (I need about 2 more hours). Or maybe the most embarrassing thing are the bits of underpants I'm making for my son... Awkward to explain what the scraps are for... but he won't let me measure/fit him, so...
sigh... maybe when my kiddos start school (in 4 years?), I'll get to work and finish everything...

Anonymous said...

Unpacking all the boxes in the house I've lived in for over a year is an unfinished project, and decorating the place is a not-really-even-started project. I posted on my blog about it just now with pictures. A 2-pound bag of croutons was casually set for "just a moment" on the mantlepiece, and a year later those croutons still hold the place of honor in the middle of the mantle.

The Ladybug's Soapbox said...

Wow, that is a long time to have an exposed access to your home. Brrr! Anywho, my unfinished project is several years in the making. With my second child I contemplated cloth diapering, never did it. With my third child, I bought prefolds, and yards and yards of diaper flannel. Never could stick to a pattern so ended up only cding for a few months and a basket full of flannel. Now 4 years later, I am pg with my 4th and scrambling to use all that flannel I previously bought cause I darn well can't afford sposies right now. Lol, that's how I found you, cause I was looking for diaper covers. Hope your door gets fixed soon. :D

Jo said...

I can only pick one UFO? Which room should I look in first? In room one I will find an almost finished wedding guest book (we got married in October 2006) and my pregnancy album (our daughter is nearly 20 months old) among all sorts of albums/beads/paper that I had great plans for. Then in room two I'll find several animal blankets and scarves that I just HAD to knit. There are also many cross stitch projects in there, the largest is an afghan for my daughter. Oh and her birth sampler. I don't want to know how many cross stitch projects I've started and are hiding in the coffee table along with lots of half finished Christmas decorations. I'm not even going to get started on my sewing supplies. Sigh - I think I need to sleep less and craft more! smije04 at gmail dot com

BTW I love love love your blog!!!!!

Trisha said...

I just found your blog and I must say I love it. The view of your door could be my house for the last three years. My husband in all his insight thought it would be great to buy a fixer upper. Great right, he is handy and does a great job, the only problem...... he does not finish anything. Which could be a problem in it's self. But we too have two children, a three old and 9 month old and don't forget the loveable two year old chocolate lab. Right now we have a half done closet, new window without the trim and a few other odds and ends. Oh well, he means well and I LOVE him!!!!

Now for me on the other hand I used to finish one project before starting another. Well not so much now. With two children, a husband, a full-time job and a list of crafty things I want to do, that even if I live to 200 I will not complete (I am only 32). So right now I have a couch quilt that needs to be sandwiched and quilted, two wall quilts to be quilted, the binding to put on one wall quilt, an advent calendar for my girls to put together (I have it all figured out in my mind, now to get it done), three pair of pjs to start and finish by Christmas (the girls and I wear matching pjs for Christmas eve), a belt for my three year old. Oh my writing this all down puts me in mild panic mode. Oh who needs sleep anyway?

Well thanks for letting me share. I have just signed up as a follower. Yippee, I am able to post! Those silly work computers and all there restrictions:)

Resweater said...

You totally crack me me up! :P

Probably my worst unfinished project is a braided rag rug. It was supposed to be room sized, and it's currently about 1 1/2 feet. I said would be done by the end of the week... 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

When we moved into our house someone gave us a washing machine. It didn't work, so my husband tore it apart but couldn't find the problem. It still sits in our laundry room with the front torn off. We've been going to the laundromat for 2 years!

Lisa said...

I started some little rag dolls for a charity project several months ago. I cut out a whole pile of pieces, assembly line style, and then ended up putting them aside, and missed the deadline for the project. I'm hoping to get a least a few of them done before Christmas. Our Church has mission trip planned for the week before Christmas, and I could send the dolls with them, instead.

Laura Gerencser said...

I usually finish projects, but I also start more than one at a time!:) One of the few truly unfinished projects would have to be a quilt top that I started 4 years ago. I never finished it, and it hangs off the back of a chair; as a decoration!:):)

Sue said...

Oh my... the quilt for my nieces birth 3 years ago, the sweater for me 5 years ago, painting the garage which we were going to do right when we moved in 2 years ago! I think I could go on and on! I'm really enjoying your blog! I found it when searching for longie patterns. Can't wait to get started on those (and finish while they still fit!)

sueknoth at gmail dot com

carmel said...

god! my husbend is the same thing! if you would see our house.... everything "has potentual"
but nothing is quite there yet.....
its a never ending bulding, fixing, runing, braking, painting.....
my life....
thanks for the giveaway.
im from israel and i would love to recieve things over sea!! :-)

jjnhubbs said...

Your door story sounds like something that would happen at our house! Toddler and all!

I have so many unfinished's awful! I have two reversible tote bags in the closet that I spent hours cutting and pinning and never sewed them! Oh...and the knitting! I've started at least 3 pairs of socks - and I now have two completed socks, but they don't match!

I need help. Major help! Haha.


Unknown said...

So does losing baby weight count as an unfinished project? Because my son is 3 and I think I might have almost lost all that weight but then along came #2! He'll be 11 months old tomorrow and here I sit in jammie bottoms and the HUGE t-shirt I wore last Halloween when I was hugely pregnant. Note: it's not as big on me as it should be.

I do have his cross stitched birth announcement to finish. It matches the nursery, 'Guess How Much I Love You'. Hopefully I can get it done before his room is full of posters of bands and scantily clad women!

Thanks for reading,

Attilio said...

your door story is fuuunnny. was just chatting to my aunty in canada on skype and its pretttty cold upthere, so poor you and toddler. how about a glass of mulled wine to warm you up huh!!!
one of the unfinished projects i have is a hollyhobbie tapestry which i started as a teenager. turned 38 last september! theres only a 1/4 of the background that needs finishing off, but i ran out of yarn and when i went shopping for said yarn, found out the yarn company went dead years ago!! now to find exact matching yarn for the background! and living on this tiny island of malta in the middle of the med, its whats in the shops of not at all. as you cant really compare colours on the net.
would love to receive something from canada especially after seeing all that you manage to do. xox
ps pls pray for us as monday 23 will be in hospital having tests done for our 3and a half year old son

Melissa said...

I have a sweater that I began knitting in 2003. I haven't worked on it in a while but, I recently pulled it out again because I want to knit my daughter some wool longies. I promised myself that I wouldn't start another knitting project without finishing this one. (Of course that doesn't mean that I haven't started other projects;))

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

There is not room enough here for the infinite amount of unfinished projects over at ours.
First the house - has been under the "renovation' banner for three years now. Everywhere I look there is something to be done, I see things that need to be done even when i am trying to go to sleep and my eyes are closed!
We currently have no kitchen - well we have a sink so it's not all bad (lucky we used to camp pre- children so we have called on the camping stash of cooking things to use).
We are moving out of our unfinished house in 3 months in which time it will have been re-bathroomed, re-kitchened, re-clad, re-polished, re-arranged completely and re-clad. (all whilst I am working away from home for 8 days straight then am at home for 6 every fortnight, and the Mr has to attend to the renovation list whilst kid wrangling the two of them).
The endless list of sewing projects - Christmas present things, repairs, the learning to knit and then felt bowls, and finally learning to make something just for me that can actually wear and have it fit in all the right places.
Then there's to do list on the new house we are moving into -for which I have a small but costly list brewing and I don't even live there yet (water tank x2 all plumbed into the house).
Build vege patch & chook shed, repair fences to ensure the children and dog stay 'ours'.
Find time to make some friends in a community in which I as yet know no-one!
Remember why we are putting ourselves through this ridiculous level of pressure and try to feel like being 'wifely'.
Sadly due to this level of presssssssure I think the 'make another baby' line on the list will have to drop further down....for now.
Thanks for the cathartic writing experience.
Cheers, Peta

Lisa said...

I have a ton of half done sewing projects, but the one that makes me the most embarrassed are our dining room chairs. See we bought the chairs pre-children. They have a nice lovely suede like brown cushion. They can NOT be cleaned. I now have a 4.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. They are GROSS. I can not invite anyone to dinner. About 5 months ago I bought fabric to redo them. All that is holding me up is that I'm too lazy to go into the garage and find the staple gun. Maybe today is the day?

Anonymous said...

LOL...I don't have any unfinished projects, because I'm just an uptight sort of Type A person. I also happen to be the ONLY PERSON in this house who is like this! The rest of this crew is insanely unorganized, and my darling husband is the ring leader!

I have a hole in my back door where we knocked end end of the trim piece off while trying to move an old sofa out of the sunroom...FOUR YEARS ago! The issue is that when the trim broke off, it damaged the fancy schmancy no-longer-in-production latch for the french door, and my husband has been trying to find someone to fabricate a new one. In the winter, my husband stuffs the hole with a towel, and then fusses at all of us when we open the door to let the dog out and the towel falls out. At this point, I think it would just be easier to go buy a new door, complete with hardware.

Oh! And there are stacks and stacks of floor tile in the garage that he purchased to fix the floors in a rental property...last December.

Then there's this box of hardware - knobs and handles - for our kitchen cabinets that has been sitting on the shelf for EIGHTEEN years. Yes, eighteen years we've lived here, and I am still waiting for my dear husband to put all the knobs on the cabinet doors. Actually, we're at the point where we are going to refinish the cabinets, so I will just put the handles on the doors myself once they get refinished. Whenever we get around to it!

I could go on and on, but you know what? I love that man like crazy, and I don't really care that he doesn't finish projects, because he's crazy in love with me, too.

Angela P.