01 October 2009

How To Make Fleece-Lined Jeans

The Man and I both have fleece-lined denim jeans and rave about them. The concept is actually very simple. You're going to sew two identical pants without finishing the waist or cuffs then insert one inside the other. After the fleece is inserted into the denim, make a casing for the elastic waist and finish the cuffs. More detailed instructions and pictures below.

- Using a light-weight fleece (or flannel) will make the garment less bulky and therefore easier to get under the foot of your sewing machine. Fleece also stretches a little whereas flannel doesn't, so with flannel you have to cut and sew your two pairs of pants exactly the same size.
- When cutting your pattern, allow an extra inch at the cuffs so you have more options for finishing the cuff opening.


1. Use your favorite pattern to make two identical pairs of pants up to the point where the everything is finished but the cuffs and waistband.
2. Turn the denim pair right side out. Leaving the fleece pair inside out, insert the fleece into the denim. If you look inside, you'll see your nicely sewn fleece pair (in other words, the sewn seams of both pants are now facing each other on the inside).
3. First the waist: Match up the seams and tack them into place with a few stitches so that they don't shift while you are finishing the waistband.
4. Now that you have tacked the waist into place, finish the raw top edge of the waistband by either serging or zigzagging and fold over to make a casing for the elastic. Insert elastic. Waistband done!
5. All that is left is finishing the cuffs. Figure out your desired length. Turn the outer (denim) cuffs under and turn the inner (fleece) cuffs inward. This means all the seams are hidden. My fleece peeks out just slightly from the denim. Sew closed.
Roll them up or wear them down.

An extra pair with a ruffled cuff.I made this pair to wear underneath cotton skirts for the winter. Hope the tutorial is clear. Happy trouser-making!


BJ_Mama said...

I mighy just have to try these for our cold winters! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Great tutorial too! Can't wait to try this :)

Resweater said...


Anne said...

Love this!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
(link will go live at 8:00 pm CST)


Pandora31 said...

Thanks! I might have to make a few pairs for my yearly journey into Minnesota cold, that we don't get here in Oklahoma!

mel said...

What an awesome idea!! Can't wait to try on my little Niblet!

:o) mg said...

It never gets cold enough for neato pants like those here, but hey, there must be something in the water, because I made denim pants with a ruffle at the bottom today, too!
Great minds think alike!

Faye said...

this is great for a lot of reasons. i have a friend that is going to be going to minnesota to visit family for christmas. she doesnt have many warm clothes (we are in florida!) so i will make her some for christmas and she can take them up!

vegemom said...

Any ideas for how to take a pair if jeans and line them without taking them apart? I used to get the fleece-lined jeans for my son at The Children's Place, but they no longer make them for 'big boys' and he's not into the pink ones they still make for 'big girls'! :)

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