14 March 2016

Spring Cleaning

Spring: out with the old, in with the new.  Er, is that how the saying goes?

I sewed a new round of napkins for the house.

I like the durability of flannel, and they last and last and last. 

It's been 4 years since I first sewed reusable paper towels (which doubled as napkins around here) and they've served their time.

31 January 2016

A Mid Winter Heart


After the Christmas decorations come down, I think yards look a little bleak during the mid-winter.  I'm happy another holiday beckons.



20 September 2014

Sew A School Bag

It's the time of year again when Mennonite Central Committee is collecting school kits to send overseas.

Hard to believe that these few items are what stand between a child and an education.

If you can donate supplies, sew bags, or both, visit MCCs website for drop off locations:


08 September 2014

Fickle Fashionista

Over a year ago, I ruffled all these ruffles in an attempt to knock off the Marie Antoinette dress by designer I Love Gorgeous. 
Mine was a bust - I didn't get the empire waist high enough, I lacked a key roll of ruffles... but do you think a first grader would care?  It was pink for heaven's sake!

V wants nothing to do with this dress.  After a year and a half of lying lonely in her closet, it's been donated to the Goodwill. 

Fickle things our little fashionistas can be?!

24 August 2014

Security Blanket, Round Two

If asked, I'd say my 16 year old's security blanket is this
And 6 year old V's has always been green blankie
She sleeps with it faithfully every night, but it's falling apart.  It upset her when I suggested we recover it, but Mr. Dork had a good idea - a quasi-pillow case for the blanket so V could unzip it and see the old quilt inside.

V chose the green and violet theme from the original blanket for her new cover.

I added some quilt batting to make the original baby blanket bigger.
Kudos to Mr. Dork.


11 August 2014

One More Summer Outfit

It was a hot week which called for some linen pants.  The fabric reminds me of a pillowcase.

I had a green tank top on hand that was asking to be refashioned.


01 August 2014

Summer Brights

These are my two favorite bright summer colors:

Maybe a wee bit bright for a woman over 40 to wear out and about, so I made myself an apron.
I can't take credit for the design -I saw it somewhere on Pinterest. 
Complete with the pretty bow :)