20 September 2014

Sew A School Bag

It's the time of year again when Mennonite Central Committee is collecting school kits to send overseas.

Hard to believe that these few items are what stand between a child and an education.

If you can donate supplies, sew bags, or both, visit MCCs website for drop off locations:



Casey said...

I took an overly long hiatus from blogging as well. I deleted most of the random junky posts from my own blog as well. Now that I have a tiny bit more "free" time I'm trying to at least get back into reading my favorites. Glad to see you've posted recently. My daughter, now 7, still fits into that cute shirt I got from you a few years ago. It's a favorite in cold weather and I'll have to post a picture of it soon.

I'll be making/donating some of these bags as well.

Tony Wu said...

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