02 July 2014

Sewing for Myself

There have been *cough* many a fashion disaster when I've tried to sew myself something! 
This one turned out alright.

I made the top from a thick rayon type remnant (100% unknown fibers no doubt)

The band at the bottom helps the fabric sit flat against my hips and I was able to tailor the neckline so that I don't flash everyone at the office when I bend forward.

Sewing with knits and slinky fabrics used to scare me, but I'm trying a little harder to befriend them because they drape nicely whereas cotton just billows.


Danice said...

Very pretty shirt. Knits are great fabrics. That fabric is really unique :)

dorcontest said...

Gorgeous hands down

Leisel Payzant said...


Sally said...

This is really cute! I have a difficult time making clothes for myself, partially I think due to my larger than average chest area. They just don't design patterns for well endowed ladies.