10 June 2014

Sewing Gymnastic Leotards

We sewing nerds get excited when we can make something for cheap.

Turns out these $40-ish leotards can be made for under ten bucks.
 The fabric is pricey so I was apprehensive about screwing it up. 
I bought a PDF pattern on Etsy at Tumblentwirl. 
After I got comfortable with it, I modified the original pattern which was made from one piece of fabric.  It's easy to cut and piece lycra - no finishing of the edges required.

Leotards generally run small so this allowed me a custom fit for a longer torso.

V approves of the colors.

Lycra is sewn using a zigzag stitch rather than a straight stitch.

I got kind of excited by my success and stocked up on some more fabric, because a six year old can never have enough leotards, right?


Beth said...

That looks great!

ShirleyC said...

It looks wonderful!

Shelley said...

You are so talented! This turned out beautiful, and modest! So happy that you are blogging again. We all missed you :-) Shelley in Louisiana.

Kelly said...

It's fabulous! Do you use elastic at the hems or just sew over?

Meg the Grand said...

This looks awesome! Love the colors - well done on the piecing :)

Jerry Boggs said...

I like your daughter's leotard and was looking for something similar. My daughter has recently started gymnastics, and we need a leotard for her to wear to competitions. There aren't many retailers where I live, so I have been looking online for some options. Thank you for your post.