17 November 2012

Sleep In Sunday Craft

Glue.  Lotsa glue.

I fill a muffin tin with tidbits that appeal to a four year old and set it out Saturday night.

Feathers, pompoms, ribbon and paper.

Did I mention lotsa glue? 

She pours over her crafty creations for a good half hour which means I get to sleep in until at least 6:30...6:45 a.m.
(How on earth did Caroline Ingalls cope?)


The F Girl said...

Haha. I recognize it. With three little early get-up-ers we feel like we have slept in for hours when we get the chance to sleep until 7. :-)

I keep telling myself that there will be a day when I can't get them out of bed until then I can sleep in. And when I'm rested enough, I might get even! Mwuhahaha ;-)

Jill Macknicki said...

what a great idea...must try with my early risers!

Christals Creations said...

What a great idea. Caroline Ingalls was some kind of saint. Always busy working and making home and creating and she just never stopped. For some reason I just remembered the time she swatted the bear thinking it was the cow out of it's shed. I must get the books out and read them again.

Nobanno said...

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