13 November 2012

Shrunken Wool Sweater Mitten Tutorial

I've shrunk a few wool sweaters in my time.  Today's salvage: mittens.

You need a felted sweater (just let your hubby toss one of your favorites in hot water and the dryer for you) plus a pair of mittens for a template.

Cut around the template leaving a little extra room for seam allowances.
Stitch around the perimeter of the mitten (no need to finish the raw edges).
Turn each mitten right side out.  Use a blunt pencil or other pointy object to smooth out the thick felt seams.
Add embellishments and pat yourself on the back.


Salihah said...

I love reuse and up-cycle ideas. And I love wool sweater!

April said...

Any other ideas that can be made out of those shrunken felted sweaters for those of us who can't wear wool because we find it itchy??