04 September 2012

Sew a School Kit for Charity

Can you imagine if this is what stood between you and an education?

A local fair trade shop has been hosting this great program for as long as I can remember. Similar to those shoeboxes you fill at Christmas, these school kits for impoverished/war-torn countries are the Mennonite Central Committee's most requested item.

The instructions to sew the drawstring bag are found here on their website.

They were a little bit addictive.

And the contents are simple.  Each bag cost me less than $2.00 to fill.

Regional offices found here can tell you where in your city you can drop your kits off.   


Beth said...

I did not know about this, thanks for the heads up! I try to support MCC whenever I can, my grandmother was an active volunteer there for many years.

Sharleen said...

What a nice idea, I might even do these as a mid year gift bag for the kids in my little ones class, our school system asks for beginning and mid year school supplies to be sent in. They would be great gifts bags for end of year good byes too. Thanks!

Becky said...

even though i feel its a shame that i live so faaaar away when there is a giveaway going on..its times like these when i wish so much that i lived closer (much closer!)...would have loved to do this....