19 September 2012

Just Like Mom

I love when little people imitate real life.

I use the clothesline in the summer and lately V has been washing her doll's things and hanging them to dry when I'm busy elsewhere in the yard.  Such a little mommy. 
On another note, she is obsessed with other people's babies.  She wandered off at a party recently and I found her lower half of her sticking out of someone's nursing cover.  Apparently she'd invited herself underneath to see what the cute little infant was up to.  I nearly croaked when she told the breastfeeding mother "I like your baby.  And I like your boobs". 


Renae said...

Huge laugh out loud on your last line. Made my day. My kids have also said equally embarrassing things.

Studio 2sixty said...

Since falling off blogland I have often wondered how big V was getting...she is growing so fast! She is such a beauty like her Mama.