23 August 2012

Were You Going to Eat That?

This is how a craft blogger's mind works:
Ooh, look my hands are stained from peeling these beets.  Take photo.  Hmmm... I have an idea!  Where did I put those silk scarves?  Not now kids, I'm on a mission!  Take photo.

Beet water = pink.  Pink is nice.  Take photo.

The beets were actually on their way to my juicer along with some carrots. 
What if I soak another scarf in that mix?  Oooh-er, swell color.  Take photo.

The Carrot One and the Beet-Carrot One.

(And I even neglected to iron them before photographing). 

Is this bizarre train of thought (crafts while making juice) an illness?  Blogger-itis?  If you suffer from it too, here's my source for the scarves:  Dharma Trading and you know where to source the veggies.


JustHeather said...

You're train of thought with the beets and juice was much better than the one my dad and I had a few years ago: dye the dog. :D
Stepmom was not impressed.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful colors! Did you juice the veggies first? I've never seen using veg as dye but have heard of it. Shelley L.

Becky said...

now this i like...i use beets in a soup and funny enough its called PINK soup and both the kids just lap it up....
but this now is something i'd like to try..will the colour fade if you wash the items after and is there something you can add to the water (salt???!!!)...

TatteredSpinner said...

Love it. I start out documenting stuff that I think might make a good blog post, but then I get too involved in whatever I'm doing and foget that such a thing as a camera exists.

Fun4Me said...

Beautiful! I wish I had trains of thought that lead to pretty pink scarves!! :)