20 August 2012

Knit Not

I keep starting

And stopping

And starting again.

Here folks we have two sleeves and one front panel of a sweater.  I wisely started this for V last spring, thinking I'd have it done by fall.  But oh, I forgot I have knitting alzheimers.  And by now I've forgotten which one is the front panel and which ones are the sleeves...and where the heck I put the rest of the pink wool...  She'll probably learn to drive by the time I finish the sweater. 


The F Girl said...

Hahaha, you sound like me. I keep doing that as well. With knitting AND with mending. I have thrown out some trousers I had to mend the other day. They were supposed to be altered for my eldest, but right now they didn't even fit my youngest any more *blush*. I am bad. I know.

Good luck with finding the pink wool!

A Half-Baked Notion said...

This is the one "domestic art" I was never motivated to master. If my boys had to rely on my knitting skill, they would have frozen to death long ago. I tried over the years to develop that rhythm you need to knit rapidly, but I never progressed beyond a very pedestrian and sleep-inducing pace (and that with plenty of mistakes).

So I decided log ago to let the real "knit wit" in the family make all the fancy knit fashions we required. My little sister will turn 50 this fall. We've traded skills over the years. She's done the cute picture-cardigans for my sons, and lots of intricate designer sweaters for me. I've sewed my share of matching outfits for her twin daughters. So find a buddy who's nuts for knitting, and maybe suffers from sewing Alzheimer's to boot. Propose a trade... a match made in heaven!

the momma (aka Shannon) said...

i can't even tell you how many half-done and 3/4 done and even done but not joined projects i have hiding next to my bed. it's ridiculous, really. i finally decided that since i like the simple action of knitting/crocheting so much, i may as well just make a blanket...lots of busy hand work, less of the pesky "finishing". ;)