24 July 2012

Summer Salad

It's too hot to cook.  I've eaten this every day for a week (because I bought Costco sized-ingredients... but it's good too!)

Summer Salad

mixed greens
pomegranate (the inside fruit only)
crumbled hard cheese - mine had apricot pieces throughout - I found it in the deli cheese section
cremini (or any brown) mushroom pieces

Toss and coat with a light dressing:  olive oil/dijon mustard/salt and pepper blend.



JoyLeanne said...

Agreed that it is way to hot to cook. This looks yummy!! May have to give it a try. :)

Monique U. said...

Yum!! Your deli cheese sounds delicious. Our favourite salads always include dried fruit and nuts. So refreshing in this nasty heat, plus you get the extra nutrients you need when temperatures spike.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dinner idea tomorrow!