16 July 2012

Oilily Shaza Skirt Knockoff (Tutorial)

This style of skirt looks like you spent a bunch of time on it, but it's really quite easy to make.
I love the way Oilily did it (above) - the vibrant mix of color charmed me! I made a similar-but-different version.

Supplies for size 5 (years):
Pink (interior) fabric:  17" tall x 26" wide
Blue (exterior main) fabric:  12" tall x 15" wide
Red (insert panel) fabric:  12" tall by 12" wide

How to:
Take your interior fabric and sew the short sides together forming a tube.

To form the second blue and red tube, sew the short sides of your panels together using a 1/2 seam allowance .  Press.  Now layer the short panel over the longer panel as shown below, offsetting your red panel to one side.

Pick up some double fold bias tape.

Apply to the bottom hem of the short layer.

Now hem the longer layer.  I let mine stick out about 3 inches from beneath the blue layer.

Pull your short layer up to the top and loosely baste them together.  This will be the waistband. 

Finish the raw edge (I used a serger) and fold under 1.5 inches to form a casing for an elastic.  Insert elastic.

Dealing with your short layer, take a 4 inch piece of elastic and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it gently as you sew it to the inside of the side seam.

See how it cinchs up the short layer?  Do this on both sides.

Make a bow out of your remaining bias tape for each side seam (finish their ends with some fray check).

I love this blue print - it is Aneela Hooey's A Walk In the Woods.  I bought some for a quilt and had this piece left over.  Those wolves look so harmless!