21 July 2012

Darned Costly Quilt Making

Here's what I did with the rest of my Walk In the Woods fabric.

  After being charmed with an inexpensive charm pack...

I spent a small fortune on the batting, backing and coordinating fabrics.

You know how it is when you're making a quilt - you always end up spending more on supplies than it would have cost for a nice store-made blanket. 

I've pieced the quilt top but it's so hot that V is sleeping with just that.  I'll add the wool batting and backing sometime before winter.  I hope.  I was just adding up my Sewing To-Do List this morning.  It's long.  Yours too?


Monique U. said...

Oh, yes, a quilt is at the top of my list, for my son and his fiancée... has been for some time, but since I started making jewellery I've been ignoring the sewing machines. They're sad :(

Fun4Me said...

That's adorable!! My little one would love it. Well, so would I as a matter of fact! ;)