04 July 2012

Classic Birthday Dress

Hmph.  Sometimes I throw stuff together and it turns out better than anticipated.

I made this simple-style little dress for V to wear to a birthday party.

She digs the polka dots and I like the red and green pop.

  It was a bit of a stand out at the party since all the other girls had twirly dresses on.

Oh, to be four years old again and have a mommy who sews.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! And it looks so birthday-ish. Will you be posting a tutorial for it? Shelley in Louisiana.

Monique U. said...

What a sweet little dress! I love your comment about being four and having a mommy that sews... many folks my age (50's) did indeed have Mums who sewed. Unfortunately we were unable to fully appreciate this wonderful gift. Mum used to dress my sister and I in coordinating outfits and we were not impressed! (Since you have a teenager I'm sure you know what I mean!) As I had four boys and no girls, any "cute" sewing I got to do was for friends or my twin nieces. Your little Sweetie seems to enjoy being a "fashion model"!

Shannon said...

And to be able to wear your shoes on the wrong feet and not care ;))

Fun4Me said...

I love it! Absolutely adorable!