26 July 2012

Baby Come Back

My two year old sewing machine has been in the repair shop most of July.  It's a little disturbing how much I miss it.  I need a creative outlet in the evenings to keep me from going insane.  On the upside though I have not had little threads stuck to my bum for the entire month of July.

Click here for the Lego tutorial
 The first repair wasn't very successful so I took it back for Round Two.  It is entirely possible that I've run through the machine's entire life span in the last 24 months.   The lady at the repair shop asked me how many hours of sewing I've put it through.  "I dunno.  About 500 blog posts."   She so kindly reminded me that it's not an industrial machine.  Crap.  I may have to shell out some money for a new machine...or get a new hobby.  I hear knitting needles are cheap.


JoyLeanne said...

OH I know the feeling. IN my first couple years of sewing I went through two machines. Finally bought one a bit better. Though still not industrial. Love the Lego machine! :)

Avery's Mama said...

I'm curious what kind of machine you have. Mine has put up with over 30 years of abuse before I finally had to change the motor (it was a hand me down from a great aunt)

Meg Weaver said...

Modern sewing machines aimed at the home sewist are largely poorly and cheaply constructed. A good vintage (pre-1970s) machine with all metal parts will last forever. As an added advantage, they're cheap on Craigslist and if you shop models, you can get one with plenty of cams for fancy embroidery stitches. I'm fond of my Singer 328K but there are also lots of nice Kenmores available.

Also, knitting needles themselves are inexpensive. It's the yarn that will get you. I just bought inexpensive yarn for a sweater and spent $60 on the yarn alone. I've still to buy the buttons and pattern.