10 July 2012

Air Conditioned Dressing

I am grateful that we don't get extremely hot weather often.  I don't do well with heat; anything over 25 degrees celcius (that's about 80 farenheit) and I get grumpy! 

I hate the feeling of clothes sticking to me in the heat.  Kids never seem to complain about temperature, but nevertheless I made a dress with maximum air conditioning.

Me and my love affair with tiers again.  I wanted to make sure lots of air could flow through there.

The top is a simple buttonhole style.  I made the straps longer so they could tie together in front.  It also keeps them from slipping off the shoulders so easily.

And yes we're rabbit sitting.  In. The. Heat.  Don't get me started.


Monique U. said...

Yes, thank goodness the extremes don't last too long! We had single digits overnight here in Northern NB... it should get in the low to mid 20's today. Our rare days in the 30's here we try to enjoy 'cause they don't last. Little V looks so comfy in her pretty ruffles!

Anonymous said...

We're in the triple digits here in Louisiana. Yikes! The dress is adorable! Did you use a tutorial for it that you could share? Shelley L.

Becky said...

its creeping up to 40C here...
would love to sew but just cannot sit at my machine...dont have A/c thoughout the house!
love the dress...