08 June 2012

Teen Inspiration Board Project

These are all the things I want to say to my teenager, so I put them on a canvas so she can see them from the comfort of her bedroom and remember how awesome she is every day.

Sites like Pinterest keep pinning great quotes for my inspiration!  I purchased a canvas and came up with a layout I liked.  Wouldn't you know I'd printed more quotes than I could fit on one canvas.  (Maybe I should've wallpapered one whole wall.  I'd like to wake up to that every day)

I spread good old modge podge all over the canvas.

Smoothed my quotes on top of the canvas, then added another thin layer of modge podge.

My paper wrinkled a bit while wet

But smoothed out nicely once dried.

And there folks are some strong words to live by.


Becky said...

its great that you actually find the time to craft for your older one too...since she prob doesnt want any more mama sewn dresses!!!
like the art...

sewnmariposa said...

love the messages you used!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I agree - trying to have a teen (mine's 14) think of everyone else - not just herself - is a bit trying sometimes.. This is a great idea - love the visual reminders and love the way it's said. Might just have to put one together for my teen :)

Susuko said...

I love your idea and the messages you found. Could you tell me a source for them?
Greetings from Berlin, Germany!