19 June 2012

Repurpose: Dye Your Ballet Shoes

Fact:  if you stand still long enough at my house I'll dye you.

  I'm a terribly uncoordinated dancer, but I kept my oldest shoes for nostalgia's sake.

I applied IDye Poly with a sponge.  I let the first coat dry then applied a second. 

Since the ribbons were already sewn into this pair, I ran the sponge along the ribbons.

I see where my sponge missed the ribbon bottoms which turned out to be a blessing;  I love the variation of color.

I dyed them as decoration for my teenager's bedroom, but I'll admit I slipped them on first and tried to stand en pointe.  Instead of making me feel youthful again, it made my arthritic ankle cry out.  Time for me to take up yoga!