27 June 2012

It Was Almost a Banana-Peels Dress

The finished product

Its predecessor below was the tale of a tshirt gone bad.  I'd tried to do a Sharpie tye-die thing on the yellow tshirt which smeared horribly so I thought I 'd cover it up with "flower petals" which started to look like banana peels.  It was bad, so I sewed a skirt for it.  Two wrongs make it even wrong-er.

I let the banana peel horror sit on the mannequin for a week, gaping at my own idiocy.  Then I re-topped it with a peasant top made of cotton.

Added two silk flowers, and called it 800% better than my first monstrosity.

It is allowed out of the house now :)


indywriter said...

Lovely! I especially like the print you added to make the top.

Becky said...

the top just finished it off know what i mean...:)

give the banana to the monkey from last saturdays post!!!