01 June 2012

I Can See A Rainbow

There's no losing her in the crowd in this shirt.

I've become friends with blogger Dee at Fun4Me2.  She was sweet enough to make me one of her rainbow twirly whirly skirts and when it arrived in the mail I saw she'd included some extra yardage.
  V immediately asked for a matching shirt.

It was hard to convince her not to wear the shirt and skirt together.

'Cause kids are colorful like that sometimes.


Becky said...

i just love rainbow massimo is doing the rainbow colours,at school this week, spelling and all! very pretty little V! xx

Fun4Me said...

I LOVE it!! She looks so happy with her rainbow shirt! Makes me smile :)

krishna said...

lovely!!! your dresses remind me my childhood. Do you know until my high school i used to wear dresses sewed by my mom. even my daddy can make dress. they used to do the job together for us.

Sabrina said...

Super cute!

And I love fun4me2 patterns. I have made 3 of her Be There or Be Square skirts. Love them.

Melissa said...

Wednesday would loser her erm..stuff over that fabric. Rainbow is her favourite colour right now, or as she calls it "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.". Do you know where I can find some?

Also, I really need to give the peasant top a try, it looks so intimidating though.

Anonymous said...

TOO cute!!!!

Poppy Indigo said...

just sayin' - kids can never be too colorful. Let her wear her rainbows all at once. As they get older, you realize just how silly our adult rules/thoughts were about things that didn't matter. ~ a mom!