16 June 2012

Fairytale Skirt Flop

Another see-my-warts post.

Vintage sheeting.

I thought I'd make it into a fun skirt.

But I didn't make it well.  It was a bit of a botch lot of a botch because I made it on a whim about 11:00 pm one night.
Here's the real McCoy:

Girl. Inspired has a free tutorial.

I thought my too-lazy-to-do-all-those-ruffles version looked okay until I wrote this post and laid my skirt and Girl Inspired's side by side.  Mine's a flop by comparison.

And while I'm confessing, look at this little gaffe I tried to sneak by you:

I ran out of ruffling strip right near the end, so I patched it with scrap piece. 

V wore it to the park recently.  Luckily no one yelled "Fashion Police"!


Becky said...

oh gosh cynthia...i needed trying to finish off all my case studies to have them bound this afternoon...have my practical reflexology exam on monday 9am!!! isnt V just a sport to wear it!!! i like the colour combo though...hugs

craftybiggers said...

I'm stopping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award :)

Here's the Link

Melissa said...

I adore that sheet. And the trim you used with it looks great. Aren't we lucky our daughter's love what we make them? I think it is great, and would never even attempt to sew anything so late. The math involved in sewing is too much for my tired brain that late.)Kudos to you.

ladystroll said...

so refreshing to see some imperfection on the world wide web! thanks for sharing.