14 May 2012

Recycled T-Shirt Mash Up Dress

I love when things do/don't go together. 

Like blue and orange and green.

Walmart was clearing out very large sized ladies' shirts for a dollar one day, so I bought the plain blue.  It was a good match up for some old shirts in my recycle box.

And heck, there's that orange knit fabric of mine again (and again and again.  I'm down to my last metre).

Like V's dangling bandage?  She had a bump on her arm that got infected.  I took her to the walk-in clinic Wednesday morning expecting a prescription and the doctor sent us to the hospital to have some minor surgery right then and there.  Kudos to you parents who change dressings and deal with needles and meds on a regular basis.  This kid screams blue murder when it's bandage changing time.  That droopy thing clenched between two pony BandAids is the sum of my efforts today.


neslinin atölyesi said...

so lovely :)

krishna said...

awesome.. i wish i could be your neighbor... if i were you neighbor, surely i would have requested you teach me the same..

TracyKM said...

I hate having bandaids taken off. You can disolve the glue with baby oil/mineral oil/goo gone first though. I'm such a wimp!

Melissa said...

I'm impressed with your knit sewing. I just bought a bunch of knits and got the book Sewing Modkid Style. All the patterns are for knits. I'm nervous to start. You make it look easy. Hopefully it is!

Melissa said...

Have you tried the baby oil trick? Let a bandage soak up the oil and the adhesive gives way (especially in the shower or bath).

Also, I need to learn to work with knits better. I have a pile of rainbow t-shirts waiting to be made into a couple designs running around my head but I am scared to wreck such nice material.