09 May 2012

A Million Thanks

While I'm sure that about 500,000 clicks were me checking out my own blog, I recently reached the million views mark!  I wanted to say thanks.  Your nice comments are good for my self esteem. I'm saying thanks this month in my favorite form: giveaways.

Check out my blog during the month of May for different giveaways, building up to the ever-popular Blog Giveaway Day on May 21st.  Anyone can always sign up to participate in Giveaway Day.  I do it twice every year and I always have tons of new of people visit my blog.  See the host, Sew Mama Sew here for details.   Here's a quote from their website about the feel-good feedback you get from commenters:

"One of the reasons we coordinate Giveaway Day twice a year is the help you find great new blogs to read and to help bloggers find new fans. New bloggers can sometimes feel like they’re writing in a vacuum until people start showing up to comment. Even if you’ve found their blog via a giveaway, a few kind, encouraging words in the comments can mean a lot."

See you soon for another giveaway.


Njeri said...

Congrats on your million visitors.
I read your blog all the way from Kenya.
I enjoy your tutorials, writing style, inspiration,photos and of course giveaways ;-).

Lots of hugs,

Teri said...

WOW....A million and worth every it every time I go to your site. I love the way you think and how easy the tutorials are.Thank YOU for your creativity and insight and most of all for sharing with us all! All the best and cheers to A MILLION MORE.I have very old dolls passed down,some from the 30's on up these doll clothes would look amazing on some of them, my mom just turned 99..yep walking and talking and just as independent as ever she loved them and it brought back memories we shared on the dolls...Thanks for that as well,a truly special moment to remember

The Sewing Dork said...

Teri, how sweet you are! (blush)!