23 May 2012

Oh, How She "Helps"

My main model doesn't like to pose for the camera

But she sure likes to "help" me display things in photographs.

I look at a nicely photographed blog like Dana's MADE for instance.  She doesn't display any photos of her kids doing this to her handiwork.

Hmmm, what's her secret?  I've asked this question before and many of you agreed that you end up with hundreds of photos of your kids running away from your camera, etc.  Glad I'm not alone!



Rachel T said...

I am glad it's not just me. All my pictures of my children are of my eldest pulling a strange 'smiling' expression, or my youngest blurred, and close to the camera as she runs towards me!

krishna said...

wow!!! nice..
n one more thing... after she is the show-stopper.. :)

Becky said...

of course she making your posts oh so much cuter!!! ;))

Sabrina said...

My dad kept asking me why I always took pictures of the back of my daughter's head. He finally found out why when he was trying to take some with his camera. He don't complain any more. lol

I try the "there is a bird on my head" trick...sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. lol

Melissa said...

Wednesday gave me a hard time until about six months ago. Now I have to get her to stop fake smiling lol. I LOVE that last photo of V with her head in the bush.

Disney at Ruffles N' Stuff uses bribery. I used to as well from grapes to chocolate chips...whatever works ;)