30 April 2012

Um, Is That A Cat In Your Tree?

Yes, yes it is, but don't worry, it's not a housecat.
Mr. Dork works in the type of business where someone can call and say, "Help!  I just ran over a lynx on the highway and it's wounded.  Whadda I do?" Mr. Dork goes.  In this case, the poor wildebeast didn't make it.  The Mr. brought home the corpse to make use of the hide because he's a Grizzly Adams kind of guy.  He hung it in our tree to cure.  Not our back yard tree.  Our front yard tree.

When I pulled up in the driveway and saw it, I lost my noodle!  What the heck are the neighbours thinking?
Mr. Dork suggests I sew up some furry mittens.  Um, not.

While you are eyeballing those scary skunk mittens, check out their source -  Another hilarious site poking fun at crafts that never should have been!