04 April 2012

Meet Meredith

After trying to adopt locally for months and months, I got Meredith via  international adoption.

The nice UPS man delivered her just this morning.

After spending a small ransom to get her into the country though, I'm sad to say that I can't put her to work just yet.  She's too big!  She came in a purported size 5/6 but her shoulders are so wide and, unlike real arms are unflexible, so I can't get any of V's clothing over her head.  Double merde.  Apparently she's only good for modelling button front shirts.

I stuck her in the corner of my sewing room and named her Meredith.  She can be my $125 tape measure holder.


Fun4Me said...

At least too big is better than too small! Even though she may gather a bit of dust she'll still get to be useful some day. :)

Sarah said...

Gah!! I was just about to get one of these in the 2/3 size (my daughter is 2), but maybe I should get the smallest size?? EEP! I love it though, it looks great!

VeganGem said...

I just saw one on Pin that someone had modpodged it with old paper patterns and it really looked kind of neat with the yellowish paper and all the lines of instruction. I hope you and Meredith settle in well.