09 April 2012

How-To: Womens Long Looped Knit Scarf

These infinity scarves are everywhere this year, except in my closet.  I whipped one up in under thirty minutes.  Here's how:

I used two different lengths of knit.  My purple piece is 60" long by 14" wide.  My beige piece is 48" long by 14" wide.  (This purple knit is variegated in color, but it's all one piece).

I folded each long length in half making a rectangle 60" x 7" and sewed up the long side seam (but not the short ends).  This resulted in two long snakes.  I turned them right side out.

I sewed the short ends of the beige fabric to the short ends of the purple fabric resulting in one heck of a long scarf.  Looped three times, it's the perfect size!

(Look at that dutiful Meredith modelling my scarf for me.  Not a week in her new home and she's already smiling for the camera)


Anonymous said...

Ahh I love this scarf!

Shanna C. said...

What a great scarf and colors are very sophisticated! I think this is now on my to do list.