27 April 2012

Chiffon on Jersey Dress Experiment

There are always cheapy chiffon fabrics for sale at the store, and I pass them by.  Hypothesis:  would it be a bon idee to mix chiffon with a sturdier fabric?  Why not.  I've got another yard of this orange jersey left that has appeared in nearly everything I've made this year.

(The flowers are former Gymboree hair elastics -amputating their elastics was speedier than making my own flowers). 

The jersey was a little stretchier than I anticipated.  The shoulder straps encase some 2" elastic and I added a small elastic across the back to cinch it a little bit more.

I was planning to hem the skirts, but I got lazy.

Elastic inside the chiffon layer hikes up the sides.

And lookee - no snow!  It's not even slightly warm enough to make V wear this yet, but no snow!  No snow! 


Erin said...

Love this idea. I always pass by it too and even when it is on the clearance racks because I am never sure what to do with it. I might have to pick some up the next time I see some and try out your cute dress.

LB3K said...

that is darling! love it

Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

love it!

Jenn said...

Oh I love this! Especially the details on top and the elastic on the sides. Did you make this from a pattern or repurpose? Swoon :)

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

So cute!