12 March 2012

Wild-ey Pyjamas and Some Outtakes

I've whined before about the shortage of attractive knit fabrics in this town. I takes what I can gets. This blue cheetah(?) knit was in the remnant bin last month.

I made V a new nightgown.  She behaved like a blue cheetah for the photos. 

(I cropped the toilet out of this shot)

This being a sewing blog and all, I'd like to show you well-posed, nicely lit photos all the time, but achieving the photo shoot can be more time consuming than sewing the garment.
Hence, I leave you with the obligatory blurry shot.  With a background mess.  And some questionable blue and orange pyjamas :)


jan said...

I generally get screaming and angry faces while trying to take pictures of the dresses I make for my daughter

Merry Mama said...

Hearty agreement on photo-background-quality! Your "real life" photo shoot made me smile. Love V's pigtails.