21 March 2012

Square Swingy Knit Top

  Did somebody say "no hemming required"?

This top is made from Lil Blue Boo's free tutorial found HERE

It's made from one big piece of fabric cut to hang trapeze style. 

A very clever design and no hemming.   

If only we had some California sunshine to wear with's still snowing in these parts but when spring does meander around, V's anxious to wear this one.


Kelly said...

That's really cute! I might have to size it up and make one for myself. :) ~Kelly

Stef said...

Ooooo- I really like this!! I'm going to have to go get that tutorial - it looks like a quick sew. Where are you in Cali? I've about had it with this dreary weather!!


love this top it is so my kind of style and i will so try to get enough fabric to make one for me love the flowy ness of it so very cute