17 March 2012

Little Legging Love

More knit love going on around here.  Last week Ashley at Lil Blue Boo was having a pattern sale so I picked up yet one more... this one for knit leggings.

Around the same time MeSewCrazy featured this upcycle tutorial for some adorable leggings.

I was hooked times three. 

I love that there are so many ways to recycle a tshirt. (Lil Blue Boo's pattern)

I would totally agree to wear these if I was 4 and could carry off horizontal stripes on the hips.
You can add little bits to the hems for fun. 

Isn't it great when you can sew something yourself that would have cost you money at the store?!  Leggings are pretty near instant gratification too - each pair was done in under 30 minutes.


Merry Mama said...

Can't have too many of these. This is one thing it seems we never have enough of...I always "wing it" and our leggings fit differently everytime. Perhaps I'll have to give Lil Boo's pattern a try. :)

Melissa said...

Wednesday lives in leggings. She wears them alone and under skirts. I have had the same six pairs of jeans/cords hanging in her closet that she hasn't touched. When she gets to tall for them I am just going to add ruffles to the bottom.
My point is that this is great, although four to six bucks a pair is reasonable, free is awesome. Recycled is better. :)