14 March 2012

Knock Offs On My Mind

Man, the internet is a dangerous thing.  I keep discovering all these fantastic clothing designs that I will never be able to afford (thanks Pinterest).   That's where we pat ourselves on the back for being able to sew I suppose.  I have some knock offs on my mind that I hope to bring you tutorials for in the future:

The Marie Antoinette Dress by I Love Gorgeous

Isn't that insanely pretty?  It doesn't look that difficult to make.  I'll struggle to save myself the $150 price tag.

Anything by Jottum: 

I like that they use navy so cleverly in most of their designs.  Their clothes are tres expensive, but I think I can do a $10 knock off if I try.

Ditto Oilily.  Their blue/red/white/yellow color combinations get me all excited for spring.  Most dresses are between $100 and $200. How is that possible?!!
 I own exactly one.  Used.  (Ebay).

(more Oilily love)

Do you have a favorite that I have not yet heard of?  If you have a link, please leave it below so I can add more eye candy to my mind's sewing list!


Justine of SewCountryChick said...

I ove your have great taste!

sharona said...

I love these dresses...I hope you do make them and post pictures. You are a wonderful, wonderful mother, your daughter will grow up to have fond memories of all the the pretty dresses you made for her.....

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I would so love to have a PDF or even tutorial of the top dress! My fave is the blue and brown. I am still learning of the fabric designers so I don't have any names to send yet. The 1st pic of the blonde girls - I thought V was on the left. :-)