06 March 2012

Grown Ups Have Tutus Too. Too.

My best friend just joined a roller derby league and asked me to make her an impromtu tutu to match her helmet (I know). Because apparently you want to look both edgy and elegant when you're elbowing other women in the ribs.

This was a no-sew method.  You knot random lengths of tulle around an elastic waistband then distribute the fullness where you want it (read: not hips).

It was such a low-key effort for a nice result.  If you browse Etsy or Google, there are tons of ideas of more refined versions.  I'll definitely be making one or two for the kiddos.

And if I must be honest, I tried the tutu on and pranced around the house for a while.  And I'm kind of craving some rollerskates.


Sabrina said...

Maybe I should make one to match my daughter's I made. lol

Tutus are easy to make but man, if you want it really full, it takes ALOT of tulle. I think I used 30 yards or more on hers. It is on my blog.

BTW, love your blog!!!

Melissa said...

I would rock those roller skates in a heartbeat. They are bad-ass.