09 February 2012

Vintage Catalogue Treasure Trove

Me and my love of vintage catalogues. 
 I've been paying small fortunes to obtain some on Ebay and Etsy over the years.  Yesterday I found this completely free website:
It's a treasure trove of vintage images!  They've downloaded Christmas catalogues from 1933 through the late 1980s.  Every single page.

Sign me up for time travel back to the 1950s please.  I could do classy. 

The 1941 Lord&Taylor catalog is breathtaking - entirely handdrawn with the most striking illustrations

'84 is a chuckle.  Remember these guys?

Is Mr. T about to assassinate Rainbow Brite? 

'76 is downright disturbing.  Looks like mom got ten thousand yards of red polyester on clearance.

To me, catalogues are divine.  The prices over time tell me so much about how people must have scrimped and saved to obtain things we take for granted.
You can buy a fridge for the same price today.  What a luxury this must have been in 1956.

I checked wishbookweb's website, and I don't see anything prohibiting you from reprinting the images.  I printed some pages from the 1933 catalogue for an elderly relative and I'm going to take them to her to jog some memories.

Ah, the pettiskirt.  Another 50s classic. 

And I leave you with thse disturbing images from my youth.  This folks, is why the 1980s should never have been allowed to come back in style.


Dianna said...

LOL! I *had* that butterfly sweatshirt! And many pairs of those black stirrup pants! What a funny site! I think I'll bookmark that one...good share :-)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Rainbow brite makes my heart pitter patter - and it wouldn't be Christmas without the Wish Book, pouring over every single detail....great post!

Mama G @ said...

The Lord&Taylor illustrations are amazing! I was born in 1984, that pic takes me back ;)

Melissa said...

I don't even know where to begin...the pages from the fifties are divine. I wish I had a reason to wear a capalet(sp?) every day.
That page from 84 with the toys WAS the epitome o my childhood. Throw in some Barbies and you have my commercially saturated Saturday mornings in a nutshell. :)

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