28 February 2012

Ikea Strikes Again

I keep showing up at Ikea and they keep selling me fabric. 
I bought this bold green floral print a while back without any particular project in mind.  I found a pair of V's shoes and a shirt that worked well, so I made her yet another skirt.

The fabric is decorator weight (heavy) so I used some cotton interlock to make the waistband.  It's strong enough to support it without adding extra bulk.

Tulle is on everything this year.  And heck, let's throw in some ribbon.



LB3K said...

fantastic fabric! and darling skirt

Anonymous said...

What awesome fabric!! I so wish we had an Ikea here. Glad to see you got the package of fabrics last week :-) Hope you make something beautiful with them.

Becky said...

lovely skirt, but am so digging those shoes....;-))

indywriter said...

Oh IKEA, how I love thee!

The fabric section is the most dangerous to my wallet. And now that they have you cut your own fabric? It's soooo tempting!

You know, casinos have a program where gambling addicts can put their name on a list to be voluntarily banned. Maybe IKEA could do the same thing. ;)

Sharleen said...

Love the skirt! What a great bold fabic.

Melissa said...

How did you manage to get your ribbon to look so perfect? Great skirt!