16 February 2012

Hanna Andersson Footless Tights Knockoff

Another online purchase I'd love to make, but at $16-a-pair-plus-shipping-plus-import-duties, I'd be paying about 90 bucks a leg.  So I satisfied myself with a knockoff. 

Good old Gymboree tights.  Local and affordable (er, on sale).

 Similar to making legwarmers, I cut out the ankle and toe section and discarded them.

I also amputated a pair of socks with pretty tops.

 ...folded the edges of the tights under and inserted the fancy sock top upside down. 

Too frugal to toss the left overs, I remade the socks with the leftoever mid-section from the foot of the tights (just like the legwarmers here). 

This was my test pair on my least favorite tights.  Now that I know the technique works, I'm on the search for some spring-y colored tights to make over.  Has anyone got a good source for spring colors?


April said...

Cute!!..The toe part can be made into a hair scrunchy--just clip the very end of the toe part off so that it is open. We recycle dead socks by making hair scrunchies--just cut them across and are aer set. For fancier ones, I hem the, or cut wider then turn inside out. but for play ones, just cut and go.

Caren said...

That's so funny, when I saw you dissecting them I was thinking "please don't throw them out - those would make such cute sock monsters!!!!" Hey - for tights for the girlies I go to the thrift store. Just can't do the $16 per pair thing, either :)

Momma C Designs said...

Love those! I made some baby legs a while back with the same technique but I can't wait to use it for my toddler's leggings!


Melissa said...

It never occurred to me to turn Wednesday's tights into the stretch pants she loves so much. Thanks for the heads up!

Nancy's Couture said...

I am loving your knock offs!!! This is perfect for my daughter's too small tights. Thanks for sharing!

Fun4Me said...

Great idea! Perfect for those tights from last year that are just a bit too short now.