13 January 2012

She Pleated and She Pleated

I wanted to make V a cotton nightie for our trip to a warmer hemisphere.

A gathered-with-elastic neckline because V likes to dress herself. And undress herself. And redress herself. She leaves a trail of laundry all over the house. So does my 13 year old, come to think of it. Only she leaves a giant pile on the floor of her closet.

Laid flat it looks like a snow angel.

The sleeves and hem are random pleats.


Becky said...

oh how i wish we were little girls again and had mummies like you...not that i was unhappy with my mummy, coz i wasnt, she was, still is the bestest cook and great fun...but i would have wished a nightie like this...cute super cute....

Fun4Me said...

looks cozy!

Brandi said...

It's absolutely darling! Great job! :)

Pacokeco said...

That is the sweetest!
If D-Dog had a nightgown that nice, she'd probably want to wear it to school.