23 January 2012

Really Ruffly

I bought this dress pattern by Brynnberlee on Etsy back in December.  I was wow-ed by it's loveliness.

But oops, there I go buying another pattern that requires a type-A personality.  My skirt pieces are sadly aligned (why do I continue to think I can measure with my eyeballs?)  Double whammy:  depending on the quality of the fabric I used, some of the narrow hems are turning up/refusing to lay flat after laundering.

If you make this pattern, I'd recommend adding an inch or two to the shoulder ties.  I made skinny Little V a size 5 and once the straps are tied, they dig into her skin when she shifts around.  It would also make tying/untying them a little easier :)

But ack... kids just don't fuss about the details.  V has asked to wear this dress nearly daily.  I may just break out a ruler and have a second go at the pattern.


Brenda said...

Great job on the dress and on eyeballing. I'd say not too shabby!! lol I did that same pattern and found the exact same thing with the straps. Since I had it all finished I just untied the straps and added a couple of snaps to each side to add some give and room for the girl to move! It is a cute pattern though and I too am gonna give it another go here soon. Cheers!