10 March 2012

Hanging Around

I love when you come in a room and there's some unexpected kid humour.  They all look like horse thieves to me.


Sabrina said...

lol..too cute. I have found Little Bit's favorite doll on the toilet, in the dryer and even in the corner because she had been bad so she was in time out. Never a dull moment with little ones.

Fun4Me said...

How fun! I once found a hot wheel stashed in the inside of the toilet paper roll. Oh, and a transformer hanging out with the chips in the pantry. And a doll in the freezer.

And we wonder why they can never find their toys. ;)

Becky said...

this just made me smile...thanks V! i too find teddy in loads of places,then at bed time its trying to remember where we last saw him!!!