08 January 2012

Burda Makes My Brain Hurt

Meet Burda pattern 9595. Isn't it sweet? 

Holy wolf-in-sheep's clothing! 
I'm having a go at it, and my brain hurts.

I'm used to sewing Simplicity/McCalls patterns or e-patterns where you're guaranteed a small photo album of pictorial instructions.  This puppy comes with a suspicious one-page instruction sheet.  I keep re-checking the envelope to make sure I'm not missing pages two through nine.  Nadda.

Don't know why I'm whining, since I'm c'est terrible with instructions anyhow.   I usually lose my mind at Step One and start winging things.  Definitely a visual learner.  We'll see if this dress turns out with three sleeves like some of my past mishaps.


Becky said...

itsa loookin good, and darn pretty detailing too. i like your misfits, if this is one.

Renae said...

Don't feel bad, sometimes the instructions to patterns just stink.

Valerie said...

You make me laugh! I just discovered your blog the other day while googling "ruffle bottomed pants" and loved it so much I'm like one of your newest followers.

Glad to hear that even the pros sometimes have issues with patterns! I'm a novice and was completely confused by the McCalls EASY pattern for creating ruffles.

Found some great youtube tutorials and decided that's the way to go when you're a visual learner!

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

Just hang in there, it looks like it will be so worth the frustration. The fabrics you picked are stunning!

KatieQ said...

I still have a few Burda patterns left unused from when my daughter (now 23) was little. I couldn't deal with the abbreviated instructions. You may be struggling, but it looks as though you are getting the details right. The neck facing looks likes it lays nice and flat. That's always a good sign to me.

Sharleen said...

LOL you are not alone, I can't read a pattern to save my life, I wing it all the time.