28 December 2011

Petite Trousseau

Did you spend the holidays reading vintage French fashion magazines too?

Technically a trousseau is considered one's wedding dress and accoutrements, but I thought some vintage-y underwear for a three year old also kind of fit the bill.  (I didn't want to name this post A POST ABOUT UNDERWEAR because I thought it would show up on creepy Google searches.)

  I'm not sure it will ever get worn, but I had fun making it.  That's the point, er, isn't it?

Linen with pintucks, buttons and pleats.   

Pintucks perfect?  No.  Linen wrinkly?  Yes.

After a long break, it felt good to be creative with my sewing machine again.  I have a nightgown underway with more pleats.

Till next time, or as the French say whilst wearing their wrinkly French linen underwear, au revoir.


Mindy said...

If I had underwear this cute I'd have to show it to someone, especially if I were three!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! It is amazing, isn't great it feels to get back to sewing if you can't do it for a while for whatever reason??? A couple of days not sewing and I am like a kid without a nap...nasty! :) Love the cute it could be worn anywhere, any time!!!! Cool and comfy looking...lucky little girl!!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks perfect and would love to make something like this for myself. No linen here though, it wrinkles too much and I don't take the time to iron. lol. Shelley

Sharleen said...

So cute! I love the ruffle at the bottom, not the stardard type of ruffle, like an open box pleat, love it, have to try it. I agree with shelleydf73, no linen, I hate to iron too! LOL

Attilio said...

ooooh i'd love a set in my size..but it would take too long to make!!! lol

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