18 December 2011

In the Works

I'm looking forward to the slow down of school/work that the holidays bring.  I have some unfinished projects that need my attention.

A lovely reader named Tanya sent me this embossed linen material.  I've been working on a quilt top. 

I found an interesting new fabric - it's sweater fleece.  I'd love to make myself a sweater coat.

And I should really complete this pdf pattern I've been working on, um, forever (my first).  It's all done, photographed, etc... I just need to pdf it.  Since July.   What a slacker!

Alas today we have a recital, a children's party and a long overdue visit with friends, so my big accomplishment for the day will be making soup for supper.


LB3K said...

oooo! can't wait to see your pattern! how fun-- enjoy the christmas season!